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 Christine Skari Photography

Christine Skari Photography

"Not to sound dramatic, but Gabriela was a Godsend to my husband and I! I was in denial about needing a wedding coordinator and was being very picky about where we spent our wedding budget, but she was worth every penny and I would recommend her services a thousand times! I met with her a month before our wedding date and from the moment we sat down for coffee, my mind was made up and I needed her in my life! She quickly got my butt in gear and the heaviest load I've ever felt was lifted off my shoulders. Gabriela is amazing. She is SO friendly, professional, organized, and has such passion for her work! I cannot thank her and Bridezilla Events for saving my life and helping make mine and my husband's special day absolutely PERFECT!" - Tara + Jason


  Zach &amp; Rosalie Photography

Zach & Rosalie Photography

"What can I say about Gabriela? I decided to hire a wedding coordinator a bit late in the game when it hit me that, as amazing as our vendor coordinator was, she wasn't available to me all the time and she wouldn't be able to help with things the venue wasn't responsible for.

Gabriela was able to help us with setting up decor, coordinating vendors, timeline, and being my go-to person in the couple months leading up to the wedding and the day of. She was literally available to me 24/7 and sometimes I wondered if she ever stops working! I felt completely comfortable asking her any question. It is obvious that she absolutely enjoys what she does, and having her at my wedding was one of the best decisions I made (besides choosing my groom, of course). Thank you so much for everything!" - Renee + Ivan


 The Pros Weddings

The Pros Weddings

"From the very beginning Gabriela went above and beyond her jobs duties. Throughout the process she conducted herself in a professional manner and took charge of the whole event. She was always quick to reply and always had a solution to solve any problems. Having a trustworthy and savvy wedding planner such as Gabriela brought peace of mind to us on our wedding day because we had to worry about nothing! Gabriela was there every step of the way to make sure our wedding ran smoothly and we got to enjoy our special day without a worry. I would definitely recommend Gabriela to anyone who is looking for a wedding planner. She is very passionate about what she does and she places a heavy emphasis on making sure that the clients needs are met." - Joseph + Paola



"My now husband and I planned a wedding for 250 guests. We realized a few months away from the wedding that we couldn't do everything on our own. Our stress levels were up the roof. I reached out to Gabriela three months before the big day. One of our concerns was the budget we had. She made sure to offer a great package based on our needs and our budget. She was available to us all the time and sent us weekly emails to make sure we didn't miss anything. Needless to say, our wedding day was perfect, magical, and memorable! Stress free for sure and ALL thanks to Bridezilla Events! An event this large is very demanding, but Gabriela made sure we had a worry free, wedding day! We HIGHLY recommend Bridezilla Events for wedding coordination! We are EXTREMELY thankful for her services." - Marlen + German



"The best decision I made in planning my wedding was hiring Gabriela (aside from picking my groom, of course). If you want someone to take charge and lift the stress of planning off your back to ensure the day goes the way it should (even if you're not entirely sure what that looks like) HIRE HER. We are absolutely in-debt to her for all she made happen, anticipated could happen, or all she reminded us should happen...(and leading up to) and the million small touches she handled that we don't even know about. I was a little apprehensive as it is such an important aspect of wedding planning, and now cannot imagine our day would have been even half as great as it was without her. Please, if you have questions or are not sure about who to hire- just schedule 10 minutes to speak with her and she will completely gain your confidence and trust in handling all the details and timing of your special day. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!" - Taylor + Conner


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