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Bridezilla Events is a boutique wedding planning & floral design company that caters intimate weddings and affairs. 

We want to create an epic event that illustrates your authenticity and unique couple style. 

Scared of Bridezilla? We are too!

Don't be fooled by our name; this is a Bridezilla-free zone. At Bridezilla Events, we believe in “extinct” attitude to keep far far away from the true meaning of Bridezilla.

There is no need for “Bridezilla” here!

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 By: Christine Skari Photography

By: Christine Skari Photography


Client Reviews...

"Not to sound dramatic, but Gabriela was a Godsend to my husband and I! I was in denial about needing a wedding coordinator and was being very picky about where we spent our wedding budget, but she was worth every penny and I would recommend her services a thousand times! I met with her a month before our wedding date and from the moment we sat down for coffee, my mind was made up and I needed her in my life! She quickly got my butt in gear and the heaviest load I've ever felt was lifted off my shoulders. Gabriela is amazing. She is SO friendly, professional, organized, and has such passion for her work! I cannot thank her and Bridezilla Events for saving my life and helping make mine and my husband's special day absolutely PERFECT!" - Tara + Jason