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Taking the stress and overwhelm out of your wedding experience

Event Planning | Floral Design | Coordination

who are we?

Bridezilla Events is the ally + cheerleader you’ve been looking for to guide you through your wedding planning experience. We love love + every version of it, and want to create an event that reflects you and your fiance. I’m sure you’ve started your wedding planning and you’re already overwhelmed, confused, and about to throw in the towel. The planning + design process requires numerous hours + constant decision making, and with your full-time jobs, family, friends, and spending time with your fur babies, there is no time left in the day for wedding talk. That’s where we come in.

We are perfect for each other if you:

  • Want to have a fun experience + feel no stress throughout the planning/design process

  • Want to be completely stress-free on your wedding day and know all of the details (big & small) are taken care of

  • Value the importance of hiring experienced and quality professionals

  • Understand the true meaning of your wedding day

Have you met gabi?

WHAT’S UP?!! I’m Gabi the owner, lead planner & designer of Bridezilla Events. I KNOW your struggles and planning woes, and I am here to help! Like, for real! Our relationship is of the utmost importance to me to ensure you feel supported, heard, + overall free of stress. I’ll be here to answer your questions, guide you through the process, and break down any concerns you may have along the way.

Who am I?

  • I’m a rescue dog mom of two, Sadie (border collie) + Eevie (boxer) - where my other paw parents at?

  • I’m married to my college sweetheart

  • I’m a wine & cheese snob with too many coffee cups from Anthropologie

  • I effing love scoping out new cafes or restaurants + trying the most unique cocktails on the menu (anything with Bourbon) 

  • I have 4 tattoos (I always forget the one on my back LOL)

  • Never invite me to trivia night…I’m the worst!



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Photography by  Apartment 3 Photography

what we offer 

We are currently booking weddings for Fall 2019 + Spring 2020. Complete the form below to find out if we are available for your wedding day.

Full Service Wedding Planning (inquire for pricing)

Having a planner is an asset, like a coach on your team. You are new to this wedding planning thing, so let someone with a strategy conquer the tasks to make your experience a breeze, and fun!

Wedding Management (“Coordination” - starts at $3000)

For the plan-it-yourself couple, this is for you! Many couples choose to embark on the wedding planning journey alone but that doesn’t mean you won’t need assistance on the actual wedding day. Most venues require you to have a coordinator in the weeks leading up to your wedding day but before you feel bitter, realize this is an asset to your overall wedding day experience.

Floral Design ($3500 minimum)

When it comes to floral design we love texture, depth, and timeless color palettes. We’re lovers of garden-style arrangements as well as modern-inspired florals. Each event is custom to your vision and needs - nothing is cookie cutter. Not only is your proposal custom to you but you want your event to look cohesive throughout and so do we! Let’s create some floral magic together!

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I’ve got your back!

To make this experience the most valuable for your time & investment, I want to find out if we are the perfect pair, don’t you? Making sure our personalities vibe well will not only ensure your experience is amazing but you’ll look forward to the planning process and be able to enjoy your wedding. Fill out the form below+ I will talk to you ASAP!


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Photo by Apartment 3 Photography

Photo by Apartment 3 Photography