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You’re just starting your wedding planning and you’re already overwhelmed, confused, and about to throw in the towel.

Bridezilla Events cuts through the confusion and provides clarity to the wedding planning & floral design process.

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we’re not your “typical” wedding planner

Going through the journey of wedding planning, you are forced to make dozens of decisions (and it turns to hundreds when you’re not working with a planner). When you book Bridezilla Events, you’re not just booking another wedding vendor. Bridezilla Events is a boutique wedding planning and floral design company that caters to couples with full-time work schedules & minimal time allotted to planning a wedding. How does this help you? It cuts the bull shit out of the planning confusion and brings you clarity. When it comes to styling, I believe in modern & timeless elements.

Let’s talk about design, and what that means for you. First, screw Pinterest! Yes, I said it. When you look at Pinterest, it should be for inspiration, not to copy. Why would you want to copy another wedding of another couple that has already done that specific design?! As a couple, you are unique, and that should be expressed through the elements at your wedding. We will work together & dig deep into your relationship to find those quirks that make you, you!

Bridezilla Events has been lucky to plan and design at various venues throughout Southern California but some of our favorites are located in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Temecula, Malibu, & the Central Coast.

We are currently preferred vendors at: South Coast Winery Resort & Spa in Temecula, King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens in Palm Desert, Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa, Frank Sinatra Twin Palms Estate in Palm Springs, and The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe in Rancho Santa Fe.

Venues we have previously worked at: Greystone Mansion, The 1909, Padua Hills Theatre, Colony House, Carondelet House, Monte de Oro Winery, Ethereal Open Air Resort, Cal Aero Events, Lake Arrowhead Resort, Castle Green, The Casino San Clemente, The Grove of Redlands, Noor Pasadena, and more.

Have you met gabi?

Hey, that’s me! I’m Gabi the owner, creative leader, planner & floral design extraordinaire behind Bridezilla Events. With a Masters Degree & background in business plus a certificate in Event & Wedding Planning, I know your struggles, and I am here to help. I’m a carb loving, wine & cheese snob with too many coffee cups from Anthropologie. You’ll find me starting the day with impromptu dance parties & a true joy in laughing. Bring all the quirky, spontaneous ideas, & we will make magic together!

A few fun facts you may enjoy:

  • I have 3 tattoos (one of which is a half-sleeve)

  • My favorite kind of pizza is pineapple & pepperoni (I know, weird, right?!)

  • I’m an animal lover…it’s a serious obsession. I have 2 pups of my own but have owned everywhere from a rat to hermit crabs. If my husband would let me, I’d own a zoo!

  • My favorite kind of beer is a stout or porter, but definitely not Guinness!

Photo by Jenn Morse Photography

Photo by Jenn Morse Photography





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what we offer 

We do it ALL….almost!

As you’ve read, we are a boutique Wedding Production & Design company based in Southern California (but open to travel). We want to create a process that makes sense to you and free of confusion, so complete the form below to find out what services can bring you clarity in your planning process & busy life.


Wedding Planning Production & Design (starts at $8,500)

Not sure what Wedding Production means? It’s okay, it’s totally normal and I swear this is the only wedding industry term I will use with you! Wedding Production is pretty much the same as Hiring a Wedding Planner (not a day-of coordinator). With your full-time work schedules and long work days, hiring a wedding planner will actually make you enjoy your engagement instead of providing you with countless headaches & slamming your computer screen shut (or throwing your phone out of frustration/confusion). Gone are the days of countless Instagram scrolling sorting through THOUSANDS (yes, thousands) of wedding vendors. Having a planner is an asset, and like a coach on your team. You are new to this wedding planning thing, so having someone with a strategy to conquer the tasks will make your experience a breeze, and fun!

Full-Service Floral Design (starts at $3,500)

Full Service Floral Design? What’s this?? I just need some bouquets, an arch, and centerpieces. True, but did you realize that the florals are actually the piece that brings cohesion throughout your wedding. Could you imagine if your bridesmaids were wearing a beautiful red dress but your favorite flower is a sunflower….can you say Ronald McDonald? Yeah….you’re not going to be happy with the photos, trust me. Instead, a floral designer will work with you to bring your color palette, aesthetic, design style, & key elements into a cohesive little ball and create a flower explosion that matches your ultimate vision & #weddinggoals.

A La Carte Floral Design (personal florals only, $400 minimum order)

You may be thinking making your centerpieces with your bridal party or having Aunt Hilda create your wedding florals will be fun…..and it might be (but it’s rare). However, in that rare occasion, we work with couples that are on a budget and only need their personal florals done by a professional on their wedding day. This is the perfect option for you. Did you know your bridal bouquet or boutonniere will be one of the MOST photographed elements on the day?? No? Well now you know, so wouldn’t you want those pictures to be amazing even if you have non-traditional or DIY centerpieces? I would hate for you to go through the process of purchasing, processing, wiring, & spending hours in creating for the photos to reflect uneven stems, unbalanced structure, browned flowers, & much much more. I’m here to help, and we have a really easy process for you to make this happen. Just fill out the form below!

Clarifying the Wedding Planning process

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personality driven relationships

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your marriage comes first, then the details.

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network of professional vendors

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Relax, I’ve got you!

In order to make this experience the most valuable for your time & investment, I want to find out if we are the perfect pair. Making sure our personalities vibe well will not only ensure your experience is amazing but you’ll look forward to the planning process and be able to enjoy your wedding. Fill out the form below to connect, and I will be in touch shortly to schedule a consultation.

Want to connect asap?


Phone: 951.427.2733

Business Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday- Thursday: 10 am - 6 pm

Friday: 10 am-3 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed for Events

Photo by Jenn Morse Photography

Photo by Jenn Morse Photography